Bach 5C munnstykke for trompet

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    Bach 5C munnstykke for trompet

    Bach 5C Trumpet Mouthpiece
    Silver Plated
    Lively and Rich Sounding Mouthpiece
    For Players with a Stronger Embouchure

    Medium Cup Depth and Medium-Large Cup Diameter
    This is the generic depth for mouthpieces and offers a cup size that is suitable for all genres of playing in all registers of the instrument. It has a great rounded depth, particularly suited to all players as a first mouthpiece purchase. It is always recommended that a player should look to get the widest cup diameter that they feel they can get away with. This in the long term produces a better embouchure development and aids better intonation. This slightly larger size gives a mellower tone but requires a good embouchure to combat the higher register.

    Medium-Wide Rim Shape
    The 5C Mouthpiece has a medium-wide rim size, which is applicable to next to all brass players. This allows the lips to move correctly on high and low notes without it being too small thus cutting the lips, or too wide that it restricts high notes. As well as this, the rim is fairly flat and rounded meaning that it will give a an exciting and lively sound.

    Medium Throat
    All Bach Standard Mouthpieces come with a Medium Sized Throat. This means that it will produce an even response to all registers of the instrument.

    Depth of Cup: Medium
    Diameter of Cup: 16.25mm
    Rim Shape: Medium-wide, rounded on inside and outside and fairly flat.
    Throat Size: Medium (3.66mm)

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