DV MARK DV Little Jazz, komboforsterker

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    DV MARK DV Little Jazz, komboforsterker

    Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

    The DV Little Jazz combo has a warm, musical sound.
    Jazz guitarists are well aware that creating a great jazz tone requires not only the right guitar
    but also the right amplifier.
    The DV Little Jazz combo has been designed with a jazz guitar in mind. This is one of the most compact
    and lightweight combo on the market, and it certainly has the most volume and best sound for its size!
    Lots of attractive features which make it a new standard for jazz guitarists and everyone in need
    of a small, ultra-compact, very-portable combo with a clean, warm, powerful sound!
    The amp’s innovative technology gives you faster attack and improved dynamic response.

    Preamp Amp: Solid State
    Power Amp: Analog
    Controls: Master | Bass – Mid – High | Rev
    Aux IN
    Headphone OUT
    XLR Line Out
    Speaker ON/OFF
    Output for external cab (minimum load 8 ohm)
    Power: 50WRMS@8ohm / 60WRMS@4ohm
    Speaker size: 1×8” DV Mark Custom
    Impedance: 8 ohm
    Frequency responce: 60Hz to 8Kz
    Weight: 6.9 kg
    Size(mm): 268(w)x268(h)x262(d)

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